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About Us

Texas Native, Young Nuse grew a strong love for writing at the age of 11. Eventually signing with an Indie Label, “National Mint Entertainment”, in 2004; where Nuse put out several mix-tapes. With the sudden passing of the CEO in 2007, Nuse had to regroup. Young Nuse music is real direct and straight from the heart. Emotionally driven lyrics with brash hard hitting 808 is the soul of his artistry. Inspired by tragedy and triumph, the dynamics of Young Nuse music is out of the ordinary. The combination makes this artist one of the most versatile. In an industry saturated with artist competing to attain commercial hits, it’s nice to see a quiet storm like Nuse brewing from the bottom of the map. It’s no secret Nuse’s hit making ability will definitely keep him in the minds and thoughts of his listener’s, fans, and soon you.

“There are a lot comparisons but I know my distinct sound will eventually breakthrough and reach the masses” - N.U.S.E.